Abandoned- Who was "Leslie"? Did they pass away in this lonely old cottage?


This cottage sits on the down slope of a beautiful country side hill south of Adelaide in South Australia. It has to have been built at least as far back as 1860 and has been adapted to electricity later like a lot of these old homes. From items still left inside it looks as though this cottage was last lived in about 1980.
Interestingly this cottage has no plumbing at all, to taps no bathroom and an outside toilet. There is a creek at the front which must have been their source of water which would have been brought up to the house for bathing and cleaning. This is quite amazing as this would have been still the daily routine right up until 1980 when the owner died or moved out. My guess is that someone who was brought up in this home stayed until their dying days as they were used to the simple ways of living when raised. A card with the name "Leslie" is still in good condition which may be the owner or last resident of this beautiful old lonely cottage.

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