City Creek Treasure Hunt: Gun, Explosives, Snakes, Phones, Cards


Somewhere in Georgia...Sorry so late, been runnin' wide open
How to Contact Us:
Exploring Alabama
PO BOX 104
DeArmanville, AL, 36257
I started an Instagram account. Come along with us more often!
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My Gear:
My Brute Magnetics 500 lb magnet:
My Brute Magnetics 1000 lb magnet:
My Brute Magnetics Cone Magnet:
PolarPro Hero 5 Polarized Lens:
My Grip N Grabber:
Garrett Waterproof Pin pointer:
Whites TRX Bullseye Pin pointer:
My camera:
Bounty Hunter:
GoPro Jaw Clamp:
Viking Power Pack Jumper:
My Muck Water Boots:
My Muck Work Boots:

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