DIY paper lamp/lantern (Cathedral light) - how to make a pendant light out of paper - EzyCraft


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In this video, I will share with you how I make a lampshade/lantern with thick papers/cards. This lamp casts an unusual glow because of the way that the units connect. It is a great addition to home and room decor.
The lamp is about 17 cm in width and 21 cm in height. If you desire a larger version, simply use thicker paper/card (180 - 250 gsm) that is larger than A4 that I used here. However, you may have to manually upsize the inner support based on a new dimension, as the template here is designed for A4 paper construction.
While I used 180 gsm for the shade, the 300 gsm paper is used for the cover and support. This is to ensure the symmetry of the tube arrangement for a long term. The design also allows the change of the globe.
For your safety, please use low energy or LED globe for this project.
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