HOW TO BE ITALIAN • 20 Rules Italians never break


Italian stereotypes? Well...some of them are true! Especially when it comes to Italy's social etiquette. Here's a list of unwritten "rules" Italians must respect at all times :)
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► 60 Italian Hand Gestures - Video:
From Italian food to fashion, going through cheek-kissing, pasta cooking, and coffee making. Take a tour around the unique world of Italian conventions:
- How Italians kiss
- Espresso vs. cappuccino
- How Italians toast (salute!)
- The Italian meal structure: antipasto, primo, secondo, dolce
- The spaghetti with meatballs myth
- (Real) Italian pizza types
- The joy of the bidet
- When white socks are allowed
- ...and much much more!
I hope this video will help you plan your next visit to Italy and understand Italians better.
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Filmed with: Canon EOS 70D
Edited with: iMovie 10
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