Narcissists love to smear people, including you


Today we are going to talk about the narcissist's smear campaign against you. Be ready for it. It will happen. Somewhat healthy people can end a relationship without smearing the other person. Not so with a narcissist. One of their biggest character flaws is gossip and that will flow over into a smear campaign once the relationship is over. Sometimes it begins before the relationship is over. You just didn't know about it.
They have to smear you, because they need you to take all the blame for why they left or why the relationship ended. They do not take any of the blame, because that would be admitting a weakness or fault and they don't believe they have faults or weaknesses. So get ready for Crazytown to hit. Protect yourself by distancing yourself, because everything you say or do after the relationship has ended will be interpreted by them as insanity, manipulation, abuse, or a downright lie (you know... all the things about them that they will project on to you).
If you like this video please subscribe to my channel and I will make more of these. I am not a licensed therapist. I am an observer and a lifelong learner. These videos are about my experiences and what I have learned from others. I learned about narcissism later in life and wish that I had had the terms and education to describe what I was experiencing first in childhood and then as an adult. All I knew was that it felt like Crazytown. That's what my husband and I called the craziness of the narcissists in our life. You feel like you're in some kind of alternate universe where right is wrong and wrong is right, where nothing is consistent other than the pain you'd feel after interacting with the narcissist. They also would take you on roller coaster rides with incredible highs and incredible lows. Such is their world. So to help people return to sanity, I decided to create this channel.
Thank you for watching. I hope this helps you to find peace and sanity.
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