Table with epoxy resin inlay and matching lamp


I transformed this ugly duckling table to a nice table with laid in pebbles. The piece of wood that I cut out, I turned into a lamp. I'm very satisfied with the set. In the process I learned a lot about how to handle epoxy.
I used 2 x 1,2 Watt 12 volt G4 LEDs and a 24 volts 'warm white' LED-strip. The power supply of the lamp is hidden in a special piece of wood I made for the lamp. The steel cables are used for powering the lamp. These steel cables are being sold in a hanging kit, I bought them from a local webshop,
I used 15 mm U-shaped aluminium strip. The video starts with the making of it, if you are just interested in the finished result, skip to 7:35.
Music: Walz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky

By: Onrust!
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